Monday Mani: Bachelor Style!

First and foremost, my nails! A dark red with platinum silver accent nails are the perfect look for tonight’s final episode of the Bachelor. And a red heart gem too? Yay for love! And now on to the best TV guilty pleasure, The Bachelor. I cannot get enough! How can you not be entertained by these…

Nail Fun!

Hazelnut with Niagara accent nail.  I love to follow Pantone’s colors of the season/year. It feels fashionable and helps mix up the colors I use.   Happy mani!

Merry Mani and Pedi

Fun Nails: Christmas Edition! Bright cherry red and a platinum silver accent (and polka dot toes) Merry Christmas!

Nail Fun: Birthday Edition

I love this look! I was gifted with a surprise mini vaca for my birthday and I wanted a cute mani for the weekend. Bright pink and a shimmer crackle gold accent nail. Happy painting!

Nail Fun

Birthday. Black. Shimmer. Nails. Because I’m a Halloween baby and this shimmer polish is one of my favs! Happy day after Halloween!

Fall Nails

My favorite red paired with a deep orange: the colors of Fall! Both colors have an underlying gold shimmer that creates a soft and beautiful finish. I love Fall colors!

Nail Fun

My hubby chose my nail polish colors and it turns out they are both Fall 2016 Panatone colors! Great Job Hubby! Warm taupe and bodacious are both in the Top 10 colors for the season and set each other off beautifully. Happy Fall and Happy Labor Day!

6 Ways To Get Long Beautiful Natural Nails

Look at those nails! I’ve coveted naturally beautiful nails like these for the better part of my young adult life…but I couldn’t grow them. Deterrents like having a physical job or a college lifestyle may very well have attributed to their stunted growth at the time. However, my early 30’s have arrived and along with a healthy…

So Fresh And So Clean Clean

I spent years of my teenage life coveting long and beautiful nails and here they are! As much as I love to paint my nails and play around with different styles, there is something to be said about au naturel.   Want to know how I did it? Watch for future articles and tips!  

Nail Fun

Color Of The Season- Rose Quartz  

Nail Art

Purple, Blue and Sparkles!